Curious. Artist. Photographer. Writer.


Forever curious, interested in people, places and storylines, Lindi looks around corners and, mostly, takes the road less travelled.

Originally trained to teach and choosing not to, Lindi delved into the hospitality industry and business administration, before embarking on a career organising events with speakers from the arts arena.

Seeking a change in direction, Lindi completed a degree in photography and exhibits her work regularly in Melbourne. Lindi’s image making focuses on social documentary and abstract art alongside travel photography, particularly of people, street landscapes and obscure details.

Melbourne based, Lindi travels often to gather stories and make new work.


SUITE SURRENDER (images 1- 10)

Suite Surrender is a series of photographic images of marks found in Melbourne artists’ studios, on walls and along laneways. Through the lens, only a – sometimes very small – portion of the marks which occur serendipitously and uniquely, are selected.

As well, this work provides ephemeral evidence of our existence, providing clues into our whereabouts, as much as a forensic scientist looks for proof in a line of enquiry. Suite Surrender is an artful celebration of the obscure and impermanent; and a record of what was.

The work selected below is part of the Suite Surrender series which was exhibited in December 2016 at Gallery 394 in Melbourne.