The genesis of Suite Surrender was a brief moment.  In time.  When, curious, I wondered what would happen if I photographed the incidental paint marks and brush strokes, etched lines and carpet threads in the artist’s studio in which I was then standing.

Selecting only a portion of the marks which occur serendipitously  and uniquely  within the artist’s studio, I played with making an abstract image , locating details which were aesthetically fascinating and insightful.

That first image worked its magic.   I was intrigued by what my lens revealed in these obscure and irrelevant details and how, subsequently, viewers interpreted and responded to printed images composed of random brush strokes, lines and paint spatters.

Suite Surrender is an expansion and celebration of that pivotal moment.   On location in city streets, or on set in artists’ studios, I’ve explored the random marks which have inspired and made this work.  These images surface to sit as an individual story, or together, offer a bigger picture, a cinematic narrative in stills.

Underpinning this visual response, as well, Suite Surrender unconsciously  provides ephemeral evidence of our existence, marking our presence as much as a forensic scientist looks for proof in a line of enquiry.  Accidental marks as evidential traces, an ode to what was.  And is.

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