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A book of poems and images by David Bryson and Lindi Forde

“In this striking collaboration, poet David Bryson and artist Lindi Forde combine their strengths to create a collection of meditations on life. Trace Lines is a conversation between Forde’s beautiful and thought-provoking images, and Bryson’s delightful lyrical poems.

On a first reading, the images appear to add a layer of meaning to the words, but the poems are as much of an illumination of the images. Each reading provides fresh insight into the interface between text and artwork, but also, into each individual poem and picture.”

– Annarosa Berman, Author

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Lindi Forde Art

Lindi paints abstract art that makes homes and workplaces happy places. Explore Lindi’s blog or shop for original abstract art in the store.


Lindi lives and works in Victoria, Australia

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