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When and where does a creative practice begin?

For me, it all began in the way back when with a small work on paper in Year 8. There were swirling black outlines and bright colours filling white spaces. I thought the work looked pretty good and was marked 8/10. Momentarily I considered an art major and becoming an artist. Wrong! The next class was portrait drawing which proved tricky and I returned to a half hearted pursuit of the three R’s. I really liked English!

Procrastinating, I’d draw instead of doing Uni assignments and visited galleries while living in the UK. Back in Melbourne, I coordinated art lecture programmes – listening to artists’ stories, watching slides of artworks and seeing contemporary artists work up close.

Deciding to change from organiser and listener to pursue a hands-on creative experience, I enrolled in a photography course, learning how to make images and discovering photographers whose work impacted and influenced my creative outlook.

With majors in Documentary and Art, working around culture and community captivated both my spirit and my eye. I adventured into worlds which opened up my curiosity and gave me further insights into everyday living. Graduating with a Bachelor of Photography, I began photographing found marks in the environment, translating their random chaos and perceived ordinariness into captivating composition and intriguing images.

Travelling, I’d see a photograph at every turn. My camera went into overdrive – walking along history sodden laneways and cobbled streets. Especially in Sicily – Palermo, Cefalu and Ortigia. On siesta in Palermo, and innocently scrolling through FB, an Introduction to Abstract Art workshop back home piqued my interest. Strongly. Enrolling pronto … I went to class and started my journey into abstract painting, finding a new life focus in the process.

Standing in the now, I’m realising there have been several beginnings in my art practice with each iteration informing the next. From an art class assignment, art lectures and picking up a camera to experiencing the immediacy of painting – I’m pushing paint laden brushes, making marks on paper and indulging my passion for colour! I’m foIlowing my intuition and exploring an undeniable determination to paint abstract art and choosing not to paint portraits!

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Lindi paints abstract art that makes homes and workplaces happy places. Explore Lindi’s blog or shop for original abstract art in the store.


Lindi lives and works in Victoria, Australia

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