Collection — Cartwheels & Merry-Go-Rounds

Collection — Cartwheels & Merry-Go-Rounds

by Lindi Forde


The creative impulse behind this new series was an online course and wondering what if I used household baking paper as a painting surface. I never got past the first episode of the online course and have been playing and layering with translucent papers since, enjoying the soft mystical effects of this media.

Cartwheels and Merry-Go-Rounds is a foray into line and shapes, collage and colour, each work celebrating the fun of the fair and singing spirits high. Line work fascinates me – especially the examples I experience in nature. I notice the lines of trees and shrubs stripped of their foliage by age, disease or weather and the sculptural nature of the branches. The branches are stark, weathered, twisted – often reaching for the sky. Or fallen on their sides, wind beaten and providing homes for nature’s critters and a welcome seat from which to enjoy the view.

Shapes formed when lines meet or where curves turn to meet a straight line also intrigue me. The shape can be a vignette – small and unique – or stretch out on to the whole canvas – free to the edge and beyond. Painting shapes is an exercise in letting go – the looser the grip, the better the shape!

Red is my dominant colour. I enjoy red’s radiance, confidence and warmth; and how it makes good friends with pinks and oranges. I wanted the works to be strong, tinged with a sizzling party mood, smaller sized, and to pack a quirky punch embalmed with distinctive, positive, pulling power. Just like childhood visits to the local A & P show and jumping on all the rides or now, observing the big top tents dotted along local foreshores in summer.

Getting to work, I randomly chop and disrupt an original artwork, the resulting collage scattering the cutouts into new formations. The finished works on paper attract the eye, like a bowerbird searching for its treasure. Up close, smaller details and links of line, mark and colour can be discovered.

I’m accepting the paper ‘s soft wrinkles in the finished collage piece as evidence of time and character - choosing not to apply lashings of anti-wrinkle potions! I will, however, press the work to straighten out major dints under art history tomes from my library – then sip a stiff gin – preferably pink. No ice!

This series is an experiment, subtly pushing me in new directions, seeking new ground. I’m investigating new shapes inspired by more walks along the beach or nearby nature reserves. Differing papers, palette choices and artwork dimensions await investigation.

For now, I’m excited to be building my series Cartwheels and Merry-Go-Rounds. Works will be available through my website on Friday 3 November. Sign up to my newsletter for all the details!