I believe life is to be lived and adventure is found around each corner. I’m considered and make my own way. I’ll take the alternative road and think for myself. I love art and making art. I love that art speaks. Imagination is important. I don’t paint the same thing twice. I make time for people and am always up for a chat. I don’t have time for chores. I think courage is an essential ingredient for doing things we care about. The environment matters. I’m obsessed with colour – from the bright to the muted. I’m always up for a champagne. I live curious.


Lindi Forde’s abstracts encompass a delicate combination of stillness and surprise. Using fluctuating tones, daring line work and gestural brushstrokes, her works revere colour and fluidity in a manner that is prominent and composed, yet never excessive.

Progressing steadily into the visual arts without actively trying, Lindi was the inaugural chairman of the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society’s Yarra branch, before founding her own business Artevent Pty Ltd. After managing events with guest artists Lindi changed tact and enrolled at Photography Studies College in South Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Photography then a Certificate in Creative Practice from the Victorian College of the Arts.

A course in Abstract Art, followed by a Master Class in Abstraction was the catalyst to Lindi becoming an abstract artist. At the canvas, Lindi paints intuitively, merging newly found techniques and creative problem solving. Working in a visual diary also fuels Lindi’s inquiry and experimentation.

Lindi has exhibited in group and solo shows within Victoria and New South Wales since 2011. Her photography and artworks have been appearing in publications since 2008. She lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Artist Statement

A lifetime of varied experiences and observations combined with a freedom to explore ways in which to express herself in art and abstraction, provide the scaffolding on which Lindi’s art practice is built. As well, an interest in who we are, our daily connection to community and our awareness of the world around us are themes which underpin Lindi’s art making.

Lindi does not seek to tell a specific story or address a particular topic in her work. Her work takes a less strident style and responds to her keen sense of curiosity and experimentation, materials and surface. Producing her works on either linen or paper, Lindi’s abstracts incorporate fluctuating colour work that ranges from bright and bold, to muted and discreet. These tones are inspired by contemporary design, environmental inspirations or a predilection for a particular colour, indigo for example, or the clashing of reds, hot pinks and orange.

Lindi works with pencil, wax crayon, collage and acrylic paint. These fusions of colour are deposited in a process that is, for the most part, intuitive and intrepid. Rambling lines drawn with her non-dominant hand give the first layer. Gestural brushstrokes follow to create an assemblage of fortuitous circles, strokes, dots, dashes and flickering marks and subtle paint spots. Sometimes, painted portions of paper are applied and removed to provide residual shaping and texture.

A search for harmony and rhythm brings a work to completion. This may be achieved through a cacophony of dissenting marks pushing against the already smooth unity of the work. A minute detail, an insignificant dot for example, often provides a final resting note.


2023 Cadence — fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

2023 Green to Gold —  Group Show, Tyger Gallery, Yass

2022 Five kms Away — Cook Street Collective, Flinders

2021 Pop Up Show — The Hustle Club, Dromana

2021   Group Show — Southern Buoy, Mornington

2021 Signposts — Aegean Designs, Portsea

2020 — Present Tense - Firestation Print Studio, Armadale

2017 — Suite Surrender #2 - Ballarat International Foto Biennale

2016 Graduate Group Show — Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford

2014 Side By Side — Firestation Print Studio, Armadale

2013 Floored — Cube Gallery, Richmond

2013 Coffee — Konjo Restaurant, Footscray

2011 One Heart — Many Stories, Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne

2007 Seven Stars — Ceres Community Park

2006 Happy Days — Ashubrton Community Services


2013 Publications — Inner North Community Foundation

2008 Journeys — UC Publishing, Oxford University Press & Multicultural Foundation

2008 Calendar Images — Ethiopian English Class, Footscray

2008 Calendar Images — 2009 Permaculture Calendar


2018 Trace Lines — Poems & Images by David Bryson & Lindi Forde

2023 Aperture — Poetry & Art by David Bryson & Lindi Forde


Works are held in private collections in Australia and New Zealand.Images from Side by Side are on loan to River Nile Learning Centre, North Melbourne.


2017 Extended Studio Practice — Victoria College of the Arts (Melbourne University), Melbourne.

2016 Bachelor of Photography — Photography Studies College, Melbourne.